When the earth is not enough, the human being decides to explore the ice. Let's travel to the south of the world, to the southernmost part of the planet and get to know the glaciers, but not from afar ... but above them in Chilean Patagonia.

Mount San Valentín is the highest mountain in Patagonia with more than 4,000 meters above sea level, and from its summits a great mass of millennial ice descends, forming an enormous glacier 18 kilometers long. This glacier that we know as Explorers, has not yet presented retreat, however, every day is losing its thickness.

From Puerto Río Tranquilo, on the shores of General Carrera Lake, take the road to the Exploradores Bay where the adventure begins, first with a gentle walk along a path surrounded by evergreen forest. From some points you can see the Exploradores glacier, the San Valentín Mountain and from further away, Campos de Hielo Norte.... Waiting to receive all the tourists that travel around the world to get to this point of Patagonia. Do you want to do this excursion?

For the more daring, the trek continues towards the faults of the glacier with a rocky sector and little by little the ice begins to appear.... It is important to put the crampons to avoid falls. You can see thousand-year-old ice caves and appreciate the sound that comes from the depths of the glacier. The earth is covered in white and you are walking on this great mass of ice.

It is advanced about 2 hours, where you can see how the water is carving the walls of deep celestial caves. In the background, the San Valentín Mountain that always accompanies the landscape with its snow-capped peaks.

Live the experience