Chile has more than 2,900 volcanoes. It seems crazy! If you are a mountain lover this article is for you.

Thank you country for so much mountain range! So many unexplored and deep landscapes that give life to the most incredible panoramic views of Latin America. Here we will tell you which the most emblematic volcanoes of our country are.

1. Lauca National Park: If you travel to the northern area of ​​Chile, you will find a diversity of landscapes that includes Andean border volcanoes (which share territory with Bolivia). From the Chungará Lake you can see the Nevados de Payachatas, currently active, composed of the Parinacota and Pomerate volcanoes. Come to know this landscape with a full day to the Lauca National Park.

2. Licancabur Volcano: Departing from San Pedro de Atacama are 2 days to ascend and know the depth of one of the most famous volcanoes in the desert. If you are a fan of trekking, do not stop doing this travel program.

3. Láscar Volcano: Famous, imposing and grandiose of the Atacama Desert. It is also considered one of the most active in Chile! You can ascend in a day from San Pedro de Atacama. Do you want to live this experience?

4. Nevados Ojos del Salado Volcano: With more than 6,800 masl this volcano is positioned as one of the highest in our country. If you like the mountain, you will not have difficulty ascending it, but for the last stretch technical and specialized clothing is needed.

5. San José Volcano: Located in the Cajón del Maipo and is considered a favorite activity for those seeking to leave the city. You can visit throughout the year.

6. Villarrica Volcano: From Pucón you can visit the famous Villarrica volcano from where you can see other volcanoes (such as Puntiagudo) lakes and lagoons of the Araucanía Region. It is considered the volcano with the highest volcanic activity in our country. If you want to know, we recommend you to do our tour from Pucón.

7. Osorno Volcano: It gives life to the typical postcard of Puerto Varas and Frutillar since you can see the volcano in its entire splendor from any point of Lake Llanquihue. It is part of the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park where you can visit other attractions.

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