One of the trends that is marking this winter is off-piste skiing, a discipline that has several branches, one of them practiced for centuries and that gradually conquers more lovers of sports in nature.

Winter has officially begun and with it, the desire to glide through the snowy hills of the Andes Mountains has arrived. The  ski centers become in this season the main tourist destinations of Chile and are already opening their doors so that lovers of snow sports can enjoy this time as they like.

When we say this, you will probably think of skiing and snowboarding, but these are not the only disciplines that can be practiced in the snow. A very interesting discipline that is setting a trend this year, is randoné, a snow sport that mixes skiing with mountaineering and that is gradually conquering those who like outdoor sports and the connection with nature.

The randoné consists of walking through valleys and climbing hills, then descending their slopes with skiing techniques. This allows its practitioners to reach remote and hard access areas, which pay with incredible views and the possibility of seeing wildlife.

Chile is a recognized destination for its outdoor sports. Every day more people are being attracted by this type of activities, and randoné is not the exception. This sport involves being alone or with a few companions next to the mountain,  without the crowds or the noise of the ski centers.

Although it is little known in Chile, randoné has been going on for centuries. The first ones were the Norwegians, Frenchs, Germans, and Austrians, but little by little the Chileans are being enchanted with this sport. Unfortunately, in the decade of the 30 's, it lost popularity because of the arrival of the lifts, because it was no longer necessary to walk to reach the top of the mountain, but now randoné is having its own reborn.

Chile is a privileged country to practice in order to practice snow sports. The Andes mountain range that we have offers spectacular places to walk and slide. The ski center  La Parva​ offers a tourist program that includes this activity in a guided way. If you want to make a tour to randoné in the south of Chile, you can visit Ski Corralco, located in the wonderful National Reserve of Malalcahuello - Nalcas. The only requirement is to have a medium level of experience skiing. 

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