Quick guide to trekking in Santiago. We will tell you which are the best trails to travel up to the hills that surround our capital.

One of the biggest attractions of the capital of Chile is that it is surrounded by hills. These mountains, which look magnificent snow covered in winter, make hiking in Santiago one of the most made by the capital.

Then we tell you which are the trails you cannot miss that you have to do if you're in Santiago:

1. Manquehue

It is one of the most emblematic hills of the capital; from wherever you look you will recognize it. It is the favorite of the locals to climb on a Sunday morning and offers spectacular views of the city and the Andes.

Difficulty: Medium

Duration: 4 hours (round trip)

How to get there: You enter via Vía Roja Street, from where a zigzag path begins until the beginning of the ascent to the hill.

2. Alto Del Naranjo

Towards the side of Farellones is this hill 1,866 meters high and 4 km long, a must see for fans of hiking in Santiago.

Difficulty: Medium

Duration: 4 hours (round trip)

How to get there: The trail starts at the Puente Ñilhue Park, on the way to Farellones. This trail takes other hills, so it is important to take into account the specific milestone of this hike. The path of Alto del Naranjo is marked with green, the path to Vallecito with yellow and the one that reaches the Province with blue.

3. Salto de Apoquindo

This route is one of the favorites of the trekking fanatics in Santiago. Unlike other popular hikes, this does not have much slope, as it enters the valley of Apoquindo to end in a waterfall of 30 m, where you can even take a dip if you are brave enough.

Duration: 8 hours (round trip)

Difficulty: Medium

How to get there: You can enter from the Aguas de Ramón Park or from San Carlos de Apoquindo.

4. El Roble

The view of the mountain range from the summit is priceless, as well as the possibility of seeing eagles up close. The ideal date to visit it is in autumn, when its oak forests are dyed red.

Duration: 6 hours

Difficulty: Easy

How to get there: From the gate you can walk along the vehicular road to the oak forest. From there the path is zigzag to the top. Admission is open only at weekends and holidays, to enter during the week there is a request for a special permit to the Caelu Chapel Association.

5. Pochoco

Another of the classics of Santiago. This hill is characterized by its steep slope, but it is definitely worth it. From the summit, views of the city and El Plomo hill are spectacular.

Duration: 4 hours (round trip)

Difficulty: Medium

How to get there: From San Enrique square, take Pastor Fernández Street, and then turn onto El Alto road until you reach the parking lot of the Pochoco hill observatory.

6. La Campana

In the region of Valparaíso and two hours from Santiago, is this classic hill of quillayes and peumos. In the last section of the Cerro La Campana you have to pass over rocks, which complicate the climb a bit.

Duration: 7 hours (round trip)

Difficulty: Medium

How to get there: From Olmué, take the route that leaves towards the east to reach the Hail sector where the walk begins.

7. Andino Juncal Park – Path to La Vega de Canchitas

Three hours from Santiago, you will find the Andean Juncal Park, a private ecological reserve not very well known, but worth visiting. The trail begins entering a valley, then go through a wetland and culminate with a view of a glacier. The walk is divided into two sections, the first reaches the river and is suitable for beginners, and the second includes three streams and is for experienced walkers.

Duration: First stage 3 hours (round trip) Second stage (8 hours)

Difficulty: medium-high

How to get there: From the international road that leads to Mendoza, turn right onto a gravel road, the same road that once ran the Trasandino railroad to Mendoza. You will arrive at Los Hornitos, where there are two old refuges, in one of which the Park Ranger of Parque Andino Juncal lives.

8. Glaciar Colgante del Morado

Located in the Cajón Del Maipo is the Hanging Glacier of Morado a path known by the capital that ends with an impressive glacier and its surrounding mountains.

Duration: 3 hours (round trip)

Difficulty: Medium

How to arrive: The trail starts 1.5 km further up the rock sector known as "Choriboulder".

9. Río Los Cipreses

The Río Los Cipreses National Reserve has a 33 km trail that lasts 3 days, but many choose to walk only 12 km to the Los Maitenes sector. This path goes through streams and camping sites, also has some short detours that take you to a sector where orchids grow and another to a viewpoint where you can see Tricahues by the river.

Duration: It depends on how far you choose to walk

Difficulty: Easy

How to get there: Take Carretera del Cobre from Rancagua to Coya and from there takes the Río de los Cipreses National Reserve.

10. Las Palmas de Ocoa

La Campana National Park is divided into three parts, and one of the most striking is that of Ocoa. Here you can do the Trails La Cascada and Al Amasijo-Portezuelo Ocoa. This area stands out for its beauty given by the abundance of Chilean palm.

Duration: 5 hours (round trip)

Difficulty: Low

How to get there: It is accessed through the Hijuelas sector.

Have you done any of these trekking?

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