These are the 15 images and 15 reasons that will inspire you to take advantage of the last weeks of winter in the mountains

The ski season is about to end. The snow melts as we get closer to September, and the chances of gliding on quality snow are decreasing. But there is still a chance to take advantage of the end of the season. Here we leave you 15 images and 15 reasons that will inspire you to take advantage of the last weeks of winter in the mountains.


  • Slide to the beautiful Inca lagoon: The incredible landscapes of the Andes mountain range in Chile, make skiing in our country, not only an adrenaline experience but also the ideal place to connect with nature. The beautiful lagoon of the Inca in Portillo stars in one of the most beautiful snow landscapes of our country, although it is not the only one.


  • Enjoy peace and silence at the tip of a snowy mountain: Some ski centers open their doors for free for those who want to slide off-piste on their land. This modality is chosen by those who seek the connection to the mountain at a more intense level and have the experience required to do so.


  • Feel the adrenaline of skiing at exciting speeds: We can not deny that board sports are directly linked to adrenaline addiction. Those who like to feel the wind against them as they go down a steep slope, know what I'm talking about. If you have not done it yet this season, this is a very good reason to grab your gear and take advantage of the snow.


  • Rest looking at the peaceful mountain landscape: Another reason to climb the mountain range is to take advantage of those incredible winter landscapes that you can only appreciate in the peaks of the Andes. The sunsets and the night views are reason enough to visit a ski resort or rent accommodation in the mountains.


  • See fireworks in the middle of the Andes: This is an uncommon image, and you probably see it a few times in your life. If you have the opportunity to see it, we encourage you to do so.


  • That your children learn to ski from small: If you want your whole family to accompany you to do the sport that you like, the best thing you can do is to teach everyone how to ski or snowboard. The smaller they are, the faster and better they learn.


  • See magnificent landscapes day and night: The snowy mountain range is a spectacle for the soul and an opportunity for lovers of nature photography. If you like nocturnal images, the mountain is also a great place. The stars in contrast to the snowy summits give a special touch to the images.


  • Relax in the heated pool after a day of sports: Rest is just as important as sports, and what better than a heated pool to do it. Relaxing your whole body floating in the water while you look at the snowy ones around you, is an experience that you will long for in your office days.


  • Enjoy a week in a mountain village: Skiing, having a beer watching the sunset in the mountain range, walking through the snowy streets, enjoying the winter, are some of the activities you can do if you stay a week or a few days in a mountain village like Farellones. Take advantage, you can still do it!


  • See the best sunsets in the mountain range itself: See the sunset in the mountain range from the mountains, is something that not everyone has the privilege to do. If you have the opportunity to climb the mountain, you definitely have to enjoy at least one of those perfect sunsets.


  • Learning to ski like a professional: If you've always wanted to learn how to ski or snowboard, do not lose hope. There's still season! The Ski Centers La Parva, Valle Nevado, and Colorado have excellent teachers for adults and children. you dare?


  • Bathing in a pool surrounded by snow: It sounds contradictory, but that is what makes this experience one of those that you have to live at least once in your life.


  • The freestyle: If what you like is the adrenaline of freestyle and acrobatic, take advantage of the juice to what remains of the winter to practice it. El Colorado is one of the most popular ski centers to perform this discipline. If you want more info about tickets click here.


  • Freeride: Also known as Off Track, is a discipline that is on the rise and as mentioned above, can be done for free in the field of some ski resorts. The important thing is to have the right technique and experience, otherwise, it could become dangerous. If you want to train to practice this discipline we recommend el Colorado.


  • The clearest starry sky in Chile: Ok, maybe the sky seen from the mountain range in the central zone is not the clearest in Chile during the whole year, maybe it can not compete with Valle del Elqui or San Pedro de Atacama, but It offers some good nights for  photography shooting, or just to appreciate the stars in the sky.

So, are you going to the Andes Mountain ranges?

Live the experience

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