Do you want to be part of this adventure? Here we will tell you the trend of the minute: the Arcoiris valley.

Lost in the Atacama Desert, about 90 kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama is the wonderful Arcoiris Valley that corresponds to a mountainous cord of multiple colors product of minerals such as clay and gypsum.

You will see strange geological formations that give rise to a colorful landscape that you will not find anywhere else in northern Chile.

When the tour reaches the Arcoiris valley, we recommend walking to the end, so you can see the immensity of the place. There are small mountain ranges that can be climbed easily. However it is important to respect nature and not to access places that are prohibited.

The tour that goes to the Arcoiris Valley also stops at the petroglyphs of Hierbas Buenas which are the largest concentration of rock art from different eras. If you are a fan of archeology you will need a little more time to walk the rocky paths where you will find different Atacama figures. Several investigations have been made that point out that this road was an obligatory passage of caravans of flames where man left his Andean art and worldview reflected while the animals fed.

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