The beauty of the vineyards, the elegance of its architecture, and the exquisite quality of VIK wines were acknowledged in the thirtieth edition of the World Travel Awards.

The VIK vineyard, recognized as the jewel of Chilean wine tourism, has been honored at the thirtieth edition of the prestigious World Travel Awards, often referred to as the "Oscars of tourism." The ceremony, held at the iconic Burj Al Arab in Dubai on December 1st, awarded VIK the title of "Leading Vineyard Hotel in South America 2023".

This recognition for VIK comes a year after the vineyard received two distinctions in the previous edition, being named "Leading Vineyard Hotel in the World 2022" and "Leading Resort in Chile 2022."

Chile, on the other hand, excelled at the gala, winning the "Best Green Destination in the World" award. This recognition, the second consecutive and the fourth in the history of the award, solidifies the country as a leader in sustainable tourism. In a competitive field, Chile surpassed destinations such as Colombia, Ecuador, Madagascar, Norway, and Peru. This title adds to two other achievements in 2023: "Best Romantic Destination" for the Atacama Desert and "Best Adventure Tourism Destination in South America." In total, Chile has accumulated 30 awards at the World Travel Awards since 2015.

VIK, a fusion of art, nature, and avant-garde

Located in the idyllic Millahue Valley, 160 kilometers south of Santiago, the VIK Vineyard stands as an extraordinary architectural project. Conceived as the vision of Norwegian entrepreneur Alexander Vik, this corner between Chile and Argentina aims to produce the world's best wine. More than just a vineyard, the project includes a avant-garde-style hotel, blending nature with art and design.

The architectural design, led by Marcelo Daglio, stands out with its undulating titanium roof that shines at certain times of the day, symbolizing the name Millahue Valley, which in Mapudungun means "land of gold." The luxury retreat offers a unique experience, with luxurious and original rooms that invite guests to rest and enjoy panoramic views of the vineyards and the surrounding nature.

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Explore VIK Vineyard in an unforgettable tour

With the rise of experiential tourism, VIK Vineyard offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of refinement. From tasting the renowned wines to touring the vineyards, the vineyard tour is a complete experience. The tour, starting in the morning, includes a visit to the VIK cellars, where the philosophy of holistic viticulture is explored, and the production process is explained.

The wine tasting allows guests to savor the exceptional VIK vintage, followed by Milla Cala and Piú Belle, along with three barrel varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, and Syrah. Lunch at The Pavilion Café Vik, overlooking the vineyard and Millahue Valley landscape, highlights local cuisine with a daily menu served tapas-style, accompanied by Milla Cala wine and coffee or tea.

The afternoon is completed with a guided stroll through the vineyard, where experts share fascinating insights about the area, the wine-making process, and vine care. Finally, around 6:00 PM, visitors return to Santiago, taking with them unforgettable memories of the VIK experience.

If you wish to taste the flavors of VIK wines and explore the vineyard in the Millahue Valley, write to for more information or reserve through the tour publication.

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