These are the tips for traveling to Easter Island with the perfect luggage.

Do you want to know what to bring in your suitcase to Easter Island?  Here we leave you the basic items you need in your luggage to visit the mystical Rapa Nui.

What clothes to wear?

  • Comfortable shoes: this is one of the most important items in your travel bag. If you are going to know Rano Raraku, the place where the moais were built; or the quarry of Puna Pau, from where the stones for the pukao were taken; or stroll through the former village of Orongo, you will undoubtedly need comfortable footwear that is suitable for all terrain.
  • Hawaianas: they are perfect and absolutely necessary to go to the beach, a must if you go to this island paradise.
  • Swimsuit: if you go to   Rapa Nui , you can’t stop reading a book under a palm tree in Tahiti, or sunbathing on the wonderful Anakena beach. You will not stand the temptation to get into those crystal clear water and [AKU003]dive/AKU003].
  • Beach wrap or beach towel: if you go to the beach, you will need a place to lie down for relaxation. Although if you forget it is not so terrible, on the island they sell wonderful beach wraps that will surely make you grateful for forgetting yours.
  • Sports clothes: If you like to do trekking you can take the opportunity to climb the famous Rano Kau volcano walking, or tour lesser-known sectors of the island on your own. For this you will need comfortable and ideally breathable clothing. You can also take advantage of jogging or doing yoga in front of the beach. Doesn’t it sound perfect to you?
  • Take a semi formal dress: sometimes, some hotels require semi formal dress to access their restaurants. Make sure you don’t stay out of that place that you have been recommended just because you didn’t have the right clothes.
  • Smart shoes: To combine your semi-formal outfit, you need to wear nice, shiny shoes.
  • Spring vest: the climate of Rapa Nui is subtropical, warm and high humidity with temperatures that don’t fall below 15 degrees. The annual average is 20.5 ° C, so you won’t need to wear a very thick parka or a huge winter coat. Depending on your tolerance to temperatures, lightweight vests are ideal because you can combine them with other layers in case you get cold.
  • Waterproof windbreaker: we said that the climate is subtropical, which has its pros - the warm temperatures - and its cons - the rain -. May is the rainiest month, but in any case, we recommend that you wear a waterproof windbreak whatever the date you travel. It is essential to be resistant to the wind, since we are talking about an island that is almost in the middle of the Pacific.
  • For the girls: you can’t miss in your vacation luggage that beautiful and comfortable beach dress that you like so much. We advise you a long one so that you don’t have problems with the wind like Marilyn Monroe. It will look perfect in the photos!


  • Sunblock: the sun is intense, especially if you are walking on a green hill in search of Moais.
  • Avoid taking food: the island territory takes great care of its ecosystem, so, if you come from abroad, in the airport of Santiago will check your luggage to see if you have any food that may harm the island. If you fly from national territory probably the SAG is not so demanding with you, but still, we ask you to consider the ecosystem of the island, which is currently being negatively affected by tourists.
  • Leave space in your suitcase: you can’t resist buying the souvenirs on display at the Hanga Roa stores and at the island's artisanal market. You will find small moai carved in wood, costumes and necklaces made with feathers and Mahute, beach wraps and natural cosmetics.

These are the basics if you can think of more, write us in the comments or through our Instagram account! @go.chile

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