Come and visit the famous Easter Island Moais, one of the most important archeological places in Chile. In this tour you’ll visit Ahu Akahanga and Rano Raraku, the places in which the Moais were sculpeted. To finish the tour, we’ll visit Anakena’s beach.

  • Departure: 09:00
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Pickup / Dropoff: Hotel in Isla de Pascua

What you will visit:

  • 1 Easter Island
  • 2 Anakena beach

We will pick you up at your accommodation at 9.00 am to take the route that will take us to know several moais and the famous Anakena beach.

We will start visiting the ahu Vaihu, located in the bay of Hanga Te'e, and then go through the ahu Akahanga, a place full of demolished moai. Later we will continue in the Tongariki ahu, one of the most important, because it will be our first approach with the mais erected standing in front of the Pacific Ocean; finally we will visit the ahu Nau Nau, located in Anakena beach, where we will have time to enjoy the sea.

In addition, we will take advantage of the day to know the Rano Raraku quarry, where the moais were formerly sculpted. As it is said on the island, in that area there are 400 moai among those found on the slopes of the quarry and buried underground.

At the end of the tour we will return to your hotel.

  • Physical
  • Cultural
    Very high
  • Nature
    Very high
  • Tour Guide
  • Transportation
  • Lunch
NOT Included
  • Entrance to the park (you must pay once upon arrival to the island)


Bring a camera, comfortable shoes, sunscreen, water, and comfortable clothes.