Rapa Nui is the great treasure of Insular Chile and is one of the main destinations in the country for its nature, ancestral culture, and its National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To visit the moai at the Rapa Nui National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is an achievement that should be on any tourist's bucket list. But the volcanic island, also known as Easter Island, is more than just these wonderful and enormous anthropomorphic statues.

With a millennial legacy, the island is also a land of volcanoes, cliffs, and the culture of a people who have defended the name of the island for many years, insisting on Rapa Nui, an ideal place for trekking.

Its capital, Hanga Roa, regularly welcomes travelers who seek to explore beaches such as Anakena, the monuments, the Rano Kau volcano, and the legendary and iconic seven Akivi moai, located in an equinoctial sense and forming the sanctuary of Ahu Akivi.

In total, there are 900 moai structures on the entire island, including those of the fascinating Tahai complex, where rocks have petroglyph engravings, and several caves show rock paintings. In addition, going up towards the volcano, the Orongo citadel pays tribute to the god Make-Make, where the investiture of the Birdman, the Tangata Manu, is celebrated every year.

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Five requirements to enter Rapa Nui

For this new season, those who wish to visit Rapa Nui must comply with five fundamental requirements to enjoy the experience on the well-known Easter Island. We detail them below:

  1. Reserve in an establishment authorized by the National Tourism Service (SERNATUR), which must indicate a stay of no more than 30 days.

  2. Complete the Unique Entry Form (FUI). You will receive a confirmation that will be requested by the Investigative Police (PDI) upon leaving Santiago. The link is: https://ingresorapanui.interior.gob.cl/

  3. You must present a certificate with your complete vaccination schedule (formerly the Mobility Pass for Chileans). The PCR test is no longer mandatory, but it is recommended.

  4. You can no longer visit Rapa Nui alone; you must be accompanied by a local tourist leader. It is advisable to contact and hire them before your arrival on the island.

  5. Each passenger must purchase their entrance ticket to the National Park. This is done on the following link: www.rapanuinationalpark.com

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