Meet the mythical giant moai, relax on its beautiful beaches and enchant yourself with its myths and legends are just some of the things you have to do if you visit this peculiar island.

Rapa Nui, one of the most isolated inhabited islands in the world, is already known for its atypical culture and its attractive energy. And it is that their traditions, their giant moais, their myths and their legends, they have enchanted travelers from all over the world. If you have never set foot in this mystic place, here we tell you what are the 10 most entertaining and fascinating things you can do on the island.

1. Visit the Moais of AhuAkivi

There are 7 of them and they are the only moais  that look at the ocean on the island. They represent the scouts sent by King HotuMatu'a before the colonizing voyage. Unlike other platforms on the island, the statues are uniform, which gives the whole a sense of harmony.

2. Visit the place where mysticism began, RanoRaraku

This is the place where the moais were built. Is the quarry where the local’s folks took the rocks and then sculpt them.

3. Know Puna Pau

In this small crater pukao, hats or crowns of the moais were extracted and carved.

4. Trekking to the crater of the RanoKau volcano

Where once there was lava, now there is a lagoon with totora plants, which from the viewpoint is shown as the impressive attraction that it is.

5. Stroll through Orongo

On the right edge of the RanoKau volcano, the mystic Orongo is located. Once a village, today an archaeological center, it was built for the cult of the god MakeMake and the tangatamanu (birdman) competition that was held only at some times of the year.

6. Court the island on a scooter or motorbike

You can do it by bicycle, but it will take more time. Also in a car, but you will not feel the freedom that the wind gives you in the face, when you drive a two-wheeled motor vehicle.

7. Dive with sea turtles

The incredible visibility under the ocean that bathes the coasts of the island, allows you to enjoy the corals and swim with sea turtles. One of the most striking points of  descent  is the sunken moai, which was thrown by an agency to replace the one that appeared in Kevin Costner's film never came out.

8. See the sunrise in Ahu Tongariki

These 15 moais are the most spectacular on the island. The Pacific Ocean behind, the Poike volcano in sight and its isolated location make the sunrise on this platform a unique experience in life.

9. See the sunset at AhuTahai

Near Hanga Roa is Tahai, the best place to watch the sunset after a day of tours on the island. This set of three ahus is located on a relaxing meadow facing the sea, where visitors sit and watch the sun hide.

10. Relax in Anakena beach

With white sands and crystal clear waters, this is the best beach of the three on the island, and it is the perfect place to rest under the shade of the palm trees brought from Tahiti.

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