In this article we will tell you the first thing that catches our attention when we land at the Balmaceda Airport in the Aysén Region.

They say that the Carretera Austral could be one of the most beautiful areas of Chile, impacting for its extravagant geography, interrupted by huge mountains that open passages to rivers, lagoons, thaws and huge unexplored glaciers.

This place has positioned itself as one of the regions with the greatest tourist potential in Chile, with a projection of more than 10% growth. It is for this reason that many locals have decided to install hostels, cabins and tourist services to show the world (and also to Chileans) the beauties of Aysén.

When you land in Balmaceda you will be able to realize its peculiar geography. In the rest of Chile we have the Andes Mountain range to the east, the intermediate depression where are almost all the major cities of our country, the coastal mountain range and the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. On the Carretera Austral this does not happen in the same way. The Andes mountain range merges into the sea and appears in the middle of the region, giving rise to Campos de Hielo Norte and part of Campos de Hielo Sur (territory that is shared with the Magallanes Region).

The impressive thing of all this, is that the mountain range of the $ Andes mixes with the sea giving origin to channels and fjords that formed product of the collapse of the territory, generating a geography totally fragmented. Today full day tours and cruise travel programs are available that sail from Puerto Montt to Laguna San Rafael.

This geography makes the Aysén Region an unparalleled destination where the landscape changes abruptly in each moment. On the border between Chile and Argentina you can enjoy a steppe landscape, while on the coast we have green mountains full of vegetation.

We could say that the Aysén Region has one of the coldest jungles in the world, and also houses one of the largest freshwater reserves on the planet with the Ice Fields.

Tell me, what more can you ask for?

Live the experience