Discover the conditions and requirements for luggage when traveling within Chile, and learn the difference between a carry-on bag and hand luggage.

Traveling within Chile will always be an exciting experience filled with breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and a wealth of adventures to discover. However, before embarking on your next journey, it's crucial to understand everything about the luggage you can bring with you on your flights. Domestic airlines like LATAM Airlines, SKY Airlines, and JetSmart have specific policies regarding carry-on and checked baggage that you should be aware of to avoid unpleasant surprises at the airport.

One of the main concerns for travelers when purchasing an air ticket is the difference between a carry-on bag and hand luggage. Primarily, the difference lies in their size, capacity, and purpose during the flight.

The carry-on bag, smaller and more compact, such as handbags, small purses, or backpacks, is designed to carry essential personal items, while the hand luggage, larger and can be carry-on suitcases or larger backpacks, is intended to transport a greater amount of belongings, such as extra clothes or personal hygiene items.

Carry-on luggage: Your travel companion in the cabin

Carry-on luggage is that faithful companion that accompanies you in the airplane cabin, stored in the overhead compartments or under the seat and always within your reach during the flight. Each airline has its own restrictions and dimensions that you should consider. Additionally, you should know that if your carry-on luggage does not meet the established dimensions and weight, you could face additional charges or even have to send it to the airplane's cargo hold.

LATAM Airlines:

  • Handbag: This item is included in all fares and can be a backpack, handbag, or bag for a computer or baby. The maximum dimensions are 45 cm in height, 35 cm in length, and 20 cm in width.
  • Carry-on luggage: This type of luggage is included in various fares and has maximum dimensions of 55 cm in height, 35 cm in length, and 25 cm in width. The maximum allowed weight varies depending on the cabin class you are traveling in.

SKY Airlines:

  • Handbag: Also included in all fares, it can be a backpack, purse, or small suitcase. The allowed dimensions are 25x35x45 cm. Additionally, you are allowed to carry a jacket or coat.
  • Carry-on luggage: Similar to the handbag but with slightly different dimensions. It must measure 55x35x25 cm and weigh less than 10 kg.


  • Handbag: This type of luggage is included in the SMART fare and cannot exceed 10 kg or the dimensions of 45x35x25 cm.
  • Carry-on luggage: Similar to the backpack or personal item but with slightly different dimensions. It must measure 55x35x25 cm and weigh less than 10 kg.

As a tip, the viral backpack for low-cost flights is currently trending, which meets the requirements of airlines and has several compartments so you won't miss anything on your next adventure in Chile.

Checked baggage: More space for your belongings

When it comes to checked baggage, while the measurements are larger, airlines also have strict rules that you must follow to avoid problems during boarding.

LATAM Airlines:

  • Checked baggage is included in various fares, and each piece must have a maximum of 158 linear cm and weigh up to 23 kg per passenger.

SKY Airlines:

  • Checked baggage on SKY must have a maximum of 158 linear cm and weigh up to 23 kg per passenger. Additionally, if your luggage weighs more than 23 kg, you will be subject to excess baggage charges.


  • Checked baggage must weigh up to 23 kg and cannot exceed 158 linear cm. You can bring up to 5 checked bags maximum.

Final tips for a hassle-free trip

To ensure a smooth journey, here are some additional tips:

  • Check the measurements: Before packing, make sure your luggage complies with the dimensions allowed by the airline you will be traveling with. This will prevent problems at the airport.
  • Pay in advance: If you know you will be bringing checked baggage, consider paying in advance to avoid additional costs at the airport.
  • Pack carefully: Organize your luggage efficiently and avoid bringing unnecessary items to comply with weight and size restrictions.

Knowing the luggage policies of domestic airlines is essential for a smooth and hassle-free journey. By following these guidelines and tips, you can fully enjoy your adventure through the wonders of Chile without worrying about your luggage. Have a good trip!

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