In mid-snow-season, we tell you which sport is setting trends in the Chilean mountains.

Have you heard the term Freeride a hundred times this winter, but you have no idea what does it mean? You're not alone in this, that's why at GoChile we'll explain what this fascinating sport is about and how to practice it.

What is freeride?
The Freeride, also known as Off Track, is a sport discipline that involves sliding down the snowy mountain on skis or snowboard on virgin snow and overcoming obstacles of nature that may appear on the road.

Why must I do freeride?
Imagine it like this: you are at the top of a mountain, there is no one around you, there are no lifts, there are no people on the track because there is not even a clue. You look down and only see virgin snow. You glide at speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour, with cliffs on the sides and a thousand hearts. It's not for everyone, but adrenaline junkies and nature lovers adore it.

Where can I practice freeride?
There are three levels off track:
Easy: In not flattened snow in ski centers
Intermediate: In a remote area, but still inside the ski center
Backcountry: In areas far from the centers.

Can anyone practice freeride?
No. Cristóbal "Chopo" Díaz, one of the exponents of Freeride in Chile, explained in Ladera Sur, that it is necessary to have a "good technique on the track" to "go off track". This sport involves certain risks, that's why it is recommended to take ski or snowboard lessons in a center before going to the mountains.

What are the risks?
One of the biggest risks is the possibility of an avalanche, although the most common is to hit with rocks that are not seen on the road. Also, the haze and white wind can disorient the skier and cause it to be lost.

As we mentioned before, if you really want to practice this fascinating sport, it is important that you practice the technique in ski centers before perfecting it. But this is not the only thing. You also have to make sure you have the right equipment, have emergency knowledge in avalanches, see the weather forecast, know how to read the mountain and follow all the advice of an experienced skier in this snow sport.
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