More and more foreigners arrive in Chile in search of snowy mountains to slide. And is that the world is realizing how amazing it is to ski in landscapes like those of our territory. If you are still not convinced, these 6 reasons will do it.

Skiing in Chile is a unique experience. In the foothills of the Andes mountain range, you can glide through active volcanoes, near lakes of the Araucanía, and coming into contact with the Chilean flora and fauna. If this is not enough for you, we invite you to read our 6 reasons that will make this snow sport in Chile, one more item on your list of things to do before dying.

  • Step on the highest peaks of South America

In Chile we have incredible ski centers, some of which are on the slopes of the highest peaks of the Andes.  Valle Nevado, located one hour from Santiago, has tracks of almost 4,000 meters high that offer spectacular views. This Ski Center has easy helicopter access to large mountains 5000 meters high with glaciers included.

  • Sliding on an active volcano

It is not gratuitous to say that Chile is a country of volcanoes. In our long territory there are 2,900 of which 80 are active and you can glide over more than one of them. The SkiCorralco center, located in the south of Chile, has tracks to glide over the slopes of the Lonquimay volcano (one of the active ones). In Ski Pucón, you can also live this adventure, skiing on the hills of the ​Villarica volcano​​, which has had nothing more or nothing less than 64 eruptions in its active life.

  • Skiing among millenary araucaria forests

Can you imagine throwing yourself on a snowy slope while you see an evergreen forest at your feet? Well its Chile is possible. In the region of Araucanía, we have araucaria forests, perennial and millenary trees that are born in the foothills of the Andean mountains. Precisely there is the skiCorralco center. Located within the National Reserve Malalcahuello- Nalcas  is a unique place to ski in contact with nature.

  • See the city of Santiago from above

A little over an hour from Santiago there is three ski centers: La Parva,  El Colorado and Valle Nevado, from which it is possible to see how the sun sets over the city of Santiago, to leave nothing but darkness and small lights there down in the valley. The views are impressive and the possibilities of seeing condors, high.

  • Take a break in the natural hot springs after snowboarding all day

Chile is a country of volcanoes, yes, but also of thermal waters. Throughout the territory we have natural ​​hot water pools​​​  that invite relaxation; one of the best known is the ski center Nevados de Chillán. If you want to release your muscles after a day on the mountain, you know where to go.

  • Skiing with a view of an emerald lake among steep snowy peaks

At almost 3,000 meters above sea level, there is the Inca Lagoon, a beautiful body of emerald water that, together with the snow-capped mountains behind, makes the Portillo Ski Center a perfect winter postcard. At night the view gets even better, because the stars over the valley make the spot one of the most beautiful in Chile.

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