Those who have had the luck and the privilege to fish in her waters, may agreewith me in saying that we could spend a whole lifetime trying to understand anddiscover the secrets of this fascinating, fabulous river.

Perhaps even a lifetime is not sufficient to know this river.

This river is named in honour of Admiral Simpson, a great English sailor who produced important cartographic work on the coast of Aysén (XI Region) on behalf of the government of Chile. The river is born in the Cordillera of the Chilean Andes, 65 kilometers to the south-east of Coyhaique city close to the Balmaceda airport. It passes the edge of the city on its long journey between the high mountains, canyons and green valleys towards the sea.

On the journey it receives rich and uncontaminated waters from many important sources and streams, like the Huemules, Blanco, Pollux, Clarito, Coyhaique, Baguales, Correntoso and Mañihuales. It then changes its name to the Aysen river which, after receiving the water of the rivers Riesco, Los Palos and Aguas Muertas, finally gives itself to the sea.

Therefore, we can imagine the great number of different places with different waters for sport-fishing that it is possible to find in this fabulous river. It is said by famous and expert fishermen from all around the world who have fished in her waters, that the Simpson is not only one of the best rivers in Chile but also, in the world. Populated principally by brown and rainbow trout, you can also find Coho, Chinook and Atlantic salmon in the torrents where they go to spawn.

For those who have had the luck and privilege to fish in her waters, they may agree with me that we could pass an entire lifetime here and still not know or understand her secrets. Each day is different and presents surprises with its explosive variety of life, such as Efemerópteros (May flies), Tricópteros (Caddis Flies), Plecoópteros (Stone flies) and Dípteros (Midges) as well as crustáceos (Pancoras), moluscos (Caracoles), insects etc. The trout have a very varied diet which has made them very selective and can exasperate and infuriate the nerves of even the most patient of fishermen, but it is incomparably compensated when you win a catch.

"Catching trout" is one of the most interesting things to do on the Simpson during the day, and they need to be observed with great attention and care so you can pinpoint their feeding places and catch your selected trout.  The challenge is to concentrate all your thoughts on achieving the result. The hours become minutes, the day passes silently and the dark comes quickly without us having noticed it. Alone, we listen to the splashes of the trout like the sounds of our laughter. We go home, but not before pledging, promising or threatening that we will return for them scarcely it be break of day.

Text by: Julio Meier (fly-fishing guide)

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