The circuit in Torres del Paine is one of the trips you will never forget. Take advantage of your vacations and share with a group of friends this experience in the Chilean Patagonia.

The best way to get to know Torres del Paine National Park is through a circuit that will allow you to meet the most amazing landscapes and the most incredible panoramic views. Live this experience through the W - Torres del Paine Circuit and enjoy your vacations by mixing trekking and contemplating nature.

Here we are going to tell you what the 3 favorite places of Torres del Paine National Park are:

1. Base Torres del Paine: this place is so magical, that there are tours during the day to be able to see up close the 3 maces of Paine: Central, Monzino and Dagostini. Here you have the iconic photograph of the park with the lagoon and the feet of the towers. If you want to do it, we recommend hiking Base Torres del Paine, leaving since early in the morning. If you make the circuit W, there is the inside of the points that you will visit.

2. Valle Francés: It is considered one of the most breathtaking places in the park. It is an amphitheater-shaped valley surrounded by mountains and granite walls. It is one of the favorite places of the park.

3. Glacier Gray: Stunning scenery covered in white. The gray glacier imposes itself as one of the emblematic sites of Torres del Paine National Park. The W circuit will take you to the main viewpoint, where you will find a view of the Gray Glacier, the Olguín Cord and the icebergs. If you go for the day in the park, you can take the navigation tour on the Gray Glacier in Catamaran, to see some meters this giant glacier.

Other trips in Patagonia

If you do not want to do a trekking of several days, we recommend other activities from Punta Arenas, such as the excursion to the island Magdalena or the excursion to Tierra del Fuego and the Penguin King Park to see these seabirds. On both tours, navigate the Strait of Magellan, an adventure not to be missed!

If you are a country lover and want to know more about the traditions of the Chilean Gaucho, we recommend doing the full day Estancia Mercedes that includes a cabin by the mountains and a rich roast.

And if your thing are the glaciers, you can’t miss the Gray Glacier navigation tour that is inside Torres del Paine National Park. If you already know it, another highly recommended option is in the O'Higgins National Park and take the navigation tour of the Balmaceda and Serrano glacier and meet the huge ice that cover part of Patagonia.

Live the experience