Los Géisers del Tatio is the most requested tour of San Pedro de Atacama. Although it is necessary to get up early and wake up at dawn to see the sunrise from the mountain range, hundreds of tourists make this excursion every season.

Did you know that Tatio's geysers are the largest group of geysers in the southern hemifer (South America) and the third largest in the world? after Yellostone in the United States and Kronotsi in Russia. So as you are reading it, located in the Andean mountain range, only 80 kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama.

This means that Chile has about 8% of the geysers that exist in the world and are at an altitude of 4,200 msnm, making it also the highest geometric field in the world. The landscape is touching and is visited by more than 100 thousand tourists each year that travels to the Atacama desert to meet the famous Tatio Geysers.

In the valley of the Tatio, the water passes inside volcanic rocks that are covered by impermeable layers that let the hot water escape towards the surface. They are about 100 manantiales of water that give life to 80 active geysers.

The best time to visit the Tatio Geysers is during the morning, first thing in the morning. That is why the tours start to leave from San Pedro de Atacama at approximately 5:00 am to take advantage of the faint light of dawn.

Along the way you will find:

1. Machuca: A small settlement located on the road that connects San Pedro de Atacama and Gatiers del Tatio. It is a mandatory stop for anyone who climbs the geometric field. Machucha represents the typical Chilean Andean town, with small houses and a church. Its people are mainly engaged in the crafts they offer to tourists.

2. Puritama Hot Springs: We will find the Puritama River, whose waters take their temperature by the volcanic materials of the Andean zone that give rise to these natural pools of hot water. The thermal baths are special for those looking to relax and enjoy a different afternoon.

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