These relaxing baths are 20 km away from Chaiten and are inserted in the middle of the exuberant nature of the characteristic of the Carretera Austral zone. The sector has varied sites of camping and community barbecue areas apart from the hot pools.

 Del Amarillo Hot Springs are located 30 km. (19 miles) from Chaitén in Región de los Lagos, immersed in a landscape surrounded by lush vegetation and known for its raw, natural beauty, untouched my man.

 Del Amarillo Hot Springs are the ideal choice for the adventurer spirits that wish to relax in thermal baths and enjoy the view of  a fantastic wildlife scenery. Its waters come from Michimahuida volcano and can reach temperatures of up to 125°F (52°C).

In the surroundings you can go trekking, watch the amazing landscapes and observe the flora and fauna. If you have time to spare, there are plenty of places nearby worth visiting. For the adventurous tourist, there are guided hikes to the  Michimahuida volcano and Yelcho Glacier, passing through beautiful, and dense forests on the way. Excursions finish with a stroll among the eternal ices of the Yelcho Glacier, formed thousands of years ago. You will be blessed with a spectacular view of the area's indomitable nature featuring a blend of forests and glaciers, thus making this experience truly unforgettable.

Del Amarillo Hot Springs map