Chile is a country known worldwide for its high quality wine. Learn its history and characteristics while trying different types of wines along its many valleys. Share a glass, or more, and accompany it with a meal and good conversation.

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  • Concha y Toro Winery Tour

    Concha y Toro Winery Tour4 Hours

    The history of the Concha y Toro vineyard began with the first vineyards brought by the Spaniards. This has made it a successful and…

    • FromCLP $41.000per person
    • FromUS$57per person
  • Undurraga Winery Tour

    Undurraga Winery Tour4 Hours

    Complete tour to know the Viña Undurraga and all its history. You will tour the park, the wineries and finish with a rich wine tasting.

    • FromCLP $41.000per person
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  • Tour Isla Negra and Casablanca Valley

    Tour Isla Negra and Casablanca Valley10 Hours

    In this tour we’ll travel to the Chilean coast and visit the house of the poet Pablo Neruda in Isla Negra and we will cross the valley…

    • FromCLP $75.000per person
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  • Tour of premium vineyards in the Colchagua Valley

    Tour of premium vineyards in the Colchagua ValleyFull day

    We will travel along the Wine Route in a tour that includes a visit to two vineyards of the Colchagua Valley, you choose which ones…

    • FromCLP $262.500per person
    • FromUS$328per person
  • Tour at Viu Manent and Casa Silva vineyards

    Tour at Viu Manent and Casa Silva vineyardsFull day

    Come and visit the Valle de Colchagua on a full day tour of the Wine Route. We will visit the Viña Viu Manent and the vineyard Casa…

    • On Request
    • On Request
  • Tour around the Colchagua vineyards

    Tour around the Colchagua vineyardsFull day

    If you are in the Colchagua Valley and you want to know its vineyards then this is the tour for you! You choose which vineyard you…

    • On Request
    • On Request
  • Wine experiencie in Santiago

    Wine experiencie in Santiago2 Hours

    In Vinolia you can know the history of different vineyards of the Colchagua valley and the Casablanca valley through a virtual tour.…

    • On Request
    • On Request

The Chilean vineyards and wineries have a long standing tradition of over 460 years, and they can be found from Elqui to Malleco Valley, and from the Andes to the sea.  The extention of the plantations and the variety of climates allows for a huge variety of wines.
The production area in Chile is divided in 15 valleys, each with particular characteristics.

Wine Routes

Most valleys, wineries, town councils, and other wine related organizations have worked together to create the wine routes. These are series of activities aimed at promoting the wine cultre, offering services with which tourists can get in touch with the local scenarios and make the most of their trips.
The most typical activites are:

  • Wine tasting lessons.
  • Fiesta de la Vendimia, where the grape harvest is celebrated.

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Valleys in Chile:

Northern Chile

Elqui Valley

Being one of the epicenters of astronomic tourism, Elqui Valley's clear skies let the sun shine over the vineyards during most of the year. The area is typical for its table winess, especially cbbernet sauvignon, but also for its fruit productiona. Pisco, a grape distilled, is an excellent drink and a very important part of the national gastronomic culture.

Limarí Valley

The first vines in this valley were planted in the XVIth century, and up to this day, the "camanchaca" (a sea originated fog) irrigates the vines at night, disappearing at sunrise. Its soils are strongly mineral, being cabernet sauvignon its largest production.

  • Featured destinations: Socos Thermal Springs, Fray Jorge National Park

Choapa Valley

Even though there area no wineries in this area (just vines), from Illapel to Salamanca you can find great quality Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon wines, all of them with high acidity and low PH indexes.

Central Valley

Aconcagua Valley

Traditional purple grapes grow near the Aconcagua, America's highest mountain with 6.956 mts above sea leve.

Casablanca Valley

Since the 80's, this area has been producing fresh, delicious wines, in a perfect environment for white varieties like Sauvignon Blanc.

San Antonio / Leyda Valleys

Some of these vineyards are located just 4 km. away from the sea, a challenge to the vines and the wine that comes from them. The result is greatly refined white wines. Nevertheless, its red wines are also starting to stand out.

Maipo Valley

Famous for its well balanced wines, the Alto Maipo Area produces the most emblematic Chilean Cabernets. It is one of the most ancient and diversified wine areas in our country.

  • Featured destinations: Aculeo Lagoon, Río Clarillo National Reserve, Lagunillas Ski Center, Colina Thermal Springs

Cachapoal Valley

Capital of the Chilean agricultural activity, this area is remarkable for its red wine and carmenère production. These full-body fruit wines are produced in the Peumo area, near the coastal range.

  • Featured destinations: El Morado National Monument, Palmas de Cocalán National Park, Río Cipreses National Reserve, Rapel Lake, Chapa Verde Ski Center, Cauquenes Thermal Springs.

Colchagua Valley

The south area of Rapel Valley is one of the most well known wine zones in Chile. Its wines are permannently in the world's best wine rankings, and its varieties are widely recognized: cabernet, carmenère, syrah, and malbec.

  • Featured destinations: Pichilemu, Termas del Flaco.

Curicó Valley

Since the XIXth century, more than 30 types of grape have been cultivated in this valley. It all started when the Spanish wine merchant Miguel Torres made his first expeditions to the new world, which attracted investments and, in time, turned this area into a true wine paradise. 

  • Featured destinations: Vichuquén Lake, Laguna Lorca National Reserve.

Maule Valley

It is the largest and one of the oldest valleys in Chile. Its vines are cultivated in dry land, among which carignan, cabernet sauvignon and malbec stand out.

  • Featured Destinations: Altos de Lircay National Reserve, Colbún Lake, Panimávida Thermal Springs, Quinamávida Thermal Springs.

Southern Chile

Itata Valley

Some of the most ancient vines in our country have been planted in the north area of the southern wine zone, near Concepción. This valley mixes the best of both world, joining tradition and modernity. Moscatel de Alejandría is its largest production. 

  • Featured vineyards: Casanueva, Del Alba.
  • Featured destinations: Chillán Thermal Springs.

Biobio Valley

Due to its constant rain and strong winds, this is one of the most challenging areas for winemakers. A variety of cold climate stocks have been planted, such as sauvignon blanc and chardonnay. Pinot noir has also been giving very interesting results.

  • Featured vineyards: Agustinos, Veranda.
  • Featured destinations: Salto del Laja, Laguna del Laja National Park, Antuco Ski Center, Lleu Lleu Lake.

Malleco Valley

It is the southernmost wine area in Chile. Its Chardonnay has proven to be a great quality one, and the attempts with pinot noir seem to be very promising.

  • Featured vineyards: SoldeSol


These are de destinations where you can Wine Route

  • Casa Silva Winery

    Casa Silva Winery

    The vineyard Casa Silva is located in the Colchagua Valley and is part of the Wine Route. It produces wines of excellent quality and…

  • Casablanca Valley

    Casablanca Valley

    The Casablanca Valley produces the most important white wine of Chile and has become famous for wine tourism. A valley that from mountain…

  • Colchagua Valley

    Colchagua Valley

    The Colchagua Valley is one of the most important in Chile by the production of high quality wine farm. It has vineyards, wineries,…

  • Lapostolle Winery

    Lapostolle Winery
  • Maipo Valley

    Maipo Valley

    Located near Santiago, the Maipo Valley has a ground favorable for the cultivation of grapes that produce wine. In the Valley you can…

  • Matetic winery

    Matetic winery

    The Viña Matetic is characterized by the quality of its wines and its 100% sustainable vineyard. It is located on the Chilean coast,…

  • Montes Winery

    Montes Winery

    The Viña Montes was born to create quality wines not only in Chile but in the rest of the world. It is located in the Colchagua Valley…

  • MontGras winery

    MontGras winery

    In the middle of the Colchagua Valley is Viña MontGras, considered one of the best terroir in Chile. It is part of the Wine Route and…

  • Santa Cruz Winery

    Santa Cruz Winery

    Santa Cruz Winery produces one of the most recognized wines of our country. It is part of the Wine Route and is located in the Colchagua Valley.

  • Santa Rita Vineyard

    Santa Rita Vineyard

    The Santa Rita vineyard is considered one of the oldest and most traditional vineyards in Chile. It is located only 40 kilometers from…

  • Undurraga winery

    Undurraga winery

    The Undurraga Winery is one of the most emblematic wineries that exist in Chile, recognized worldwide for the quality of its wines.…

  • Vik Winery

    Vik Winery

    The Vik vineyard is located in the Millahue Valley and is characterized by its extraordinary architecture in the middle of the vineyards…

  • Viña Concha y Toro

    Viña Concha y Toro

    The Viña Concha y Toro is one of the most recognized vineyards at national and international level. You are in Pirque to few kilometers…

  • Viu Manent Winery

    Viu Manent Winery

    The Viña Viu Manent is characterized by the quality of its wines, sustainability and family tradition. It is part of the Wine Route…