At the beginning of 2018, Chile was chosen as the unmissable destination of the year by Lonely Planet, so, now that you have planned to come, we tell you about the experiences and activities that you can’t miss once you visit our country.

10. Make a road trip on the Austral road

The Austral highway begins in Puerto Montt and ends 1200 km further south in Villa O'Higgins. It is characterized as one of the most beautiful and remote places in Chile, for its lush forests, its huge turquoise lakes, its clear rivers and huge glaciers and labyrinthine fjords. It is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the world to do a road trip.

9. Visit the churches and the Tantauco park in Chiloé

Chiloé is an island that radiates mysticism. Full of legends, it is a unique destination in the world, which has a very particular gastronomy, crafts and culture. One of its great attractions is the tour of the traditional churches, which have been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. On the other hand, it attracts explorers, adventurers and nature photographers because it is the home of penguins, winking cats and foxes of Darwin, as well as whales at a certain time of the year.

8. Surfing in Iquique or in Pichilemu

Professional surfers know that there is a time of the year when Chile has the best waves in the world, and that is in Pichilemu. But Iquique doesn’t saty behind, which also attracts athletes for its pleasant climate and urban life.

7. Taste the wines of the Maipo Valley

Chile is internationally recognized for the good quality of its wines, which is why one of the most sought-after tours by our visitors are the vineyards. Viña Santa Rita, Cousiño & Macul are just some of them.

6. Skiing in the Andes mountain range

Not many countries can brag about having huge mountains all around them. Chile can, and it takes advantage of it. We have ski centers one hour from Santiago, two hours away and in the south of the country where you can ski between araucarias and volcanoes.

5. Know the colorful hills of Valparaíso

Valparaíso, also called the cultural capital of the country, is a bohemian city that embraces the visual, performing and dance arts. In its hills you will find attractive murals and the most interesting house of Pablo Neruda, La Sebastiana.

4. Taste gastronomy, nightlife and culture in Santiago

Santiago is cosmopolitan, it has a vibrant nightlife, fascinating museums, beautiful parks and a high-level gastronomic and hotel offer. It is one of the most entertaining cities in South America and a must for the shopping crazy ones.

3. See otherworldly landscapes in San Pedro de Atacama

In the driest desert on the planet, San Pedro is located, a town that enjoys a lot of incredible natural attractions around it. The Valley of the Moon, the geysers of the Tatio and the Laguna Cejar are just some of those breathtaking landscapes.

2. Trekking in Torres del Paine National Park

Recognized as the eighth wonder of the world, this park has it all. Emerald water lakes, rivers with strong streams, paths that cross leafy forests, an incredible view of the Gray glacier and, of course, the towers and horns of Paine. It is also home to pumas, condors and other species of the diverse Chilean fauna.

1. Know the moais in Pascua Island

3700 km east of mainland Chile, AKU006]this mystical island[[/AKU006] attracts visitors from all over the world for its striking moais, its beaches and its fascinating culture.

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