The Carretera Austral is part of one of the most incredible regions of Chile, Aysén Patagonia. Travel with us and discover its secrets.

If you are planning to travel to Aysén Patagonia, and visit the Carretera Austral, we recommend 10 tours and experiences that you can not stop doing.

1. Laguna San Rafael: [GPT008]The best excursion is the catamaran sailing[/ GPT008] through the Laguna San Rafael National Park and approaching the hanging glacier ... and then explores the valley explorers. Better yet if you can stay in the domes that are inside the park itself.

2. Marble chapels: It is the busiest tour by both Chileans and foreigners. Navigating the largest lake in South America and witnessing this natural beauty is considered by many [GEP001]the tour you can not miss![/ GEP001]

3. Jeinimeni Lake National Reserve: It is probably the most imposing, impressive and deepest place in Aysén Patagonia. If you are a trekking lover you can do the route that links the Park Patagonia with the reservation.

4. Parque Patagonia: It is one of the wildest places you will find on the Carretera Austral. Huge wetlands, jungles and grasslands are some of the landscapes that are part of the park. You will live an experience you will never forget.

5. Los Leones Glacier: Take a Jetboat and navigate the lake at full speed ... until you reach the feet of the Los Leones Glacier.

6. Baker River: Sunset at the hot tubs of the Green Baker Lodge. You will be in front of some of the most incredible landscapes of Chile.

7. Rafting: It is the adventure sport par excellence in Chile. You can do it in the same river Baker or to make navigation by the lake Beltrán and by the lake Lead.

8. Tortel Cove: It is considered a #must of the Austral Highway. Its rustic architecture, its wooden corridors along the mouth of the Baker River and the exuberant nature that surrounds it make it one of the most beautiful villages in Chile. They say that the best of Aysén Patagonia is the route between Coyhaique and Caleta Tortel.

9. Patagonian Stays: Do not forget to visit the condoreras in Coyhaique alto and finish with a rich country barbecue, knowing closely the traditions of the famous gauchos of the Chilean Patagonia.

10. Navigation in Bernardo O´Higgins National Park. 

Live the experience