The Malalcahuello national reserve combines with the nature of forest landscapes and remnants of volcanic activity, where its main attraction is the Lonquimay volcano, together with the Navidad Crater. Within the great variety of flora that exist in this place, the most characteristic are the ancient and large araucarias.

This park is located in the north of the Región de la Araucanía, set against the background of the impressive Lonquimay volcano. Created in 1931, the reserve has a surface area of 13,730 hectares (30,206 acres), including the volcano. This small reserve is interesting due to its great diversity of flora which can be found on the slopes of the volcano, and where the native forest is a carpet of different shapes and colors with its oaks, raulíes and coigües. Among all of the plant species, however, it is perhaps the age-old araucaria tree which stands out because of its presence and beauty. The araucaria exists at a higher altitude than the others.

The rivers, lagoons, ravines and marshes of this park boast a diverse range of environments for its visitors to enjoy, from trekking, mountaineering and fishing to skiing and horseback riding.

Location : Región de la Araucanía, 30 kms away from Curacautín.

Malalcahuello National Reserve map