What would you do if someone told you that you have only three months of life? I always ask myself this, and here is my answer: I would experience this ten extreme adventures. Would you?

1. Sandboarding dunes in San Pedro de Atacama

Rush and freedom, that's what you feel when you stand over a board and slide down a huge dune surrounded by red rocks that make you feel like you are in Mars.

2. Surfing in Iquique

One of the best experiences for adrenaline junkies is riding a challenging wave. The experience gets even better when you do it in a city with warm weather and a sporty vibe.

3. Snowboarding in Valle Nevado

Riding through a steep slope while watching the Andes mountain range, is an experience that'll make feel more alive than ever. 

4. Diving in Rapa Nui

When you do an immersion in the Pacific Ocean, you enter a whole new world of colors and species you might have never seen before. But doing it from a mystical island rich in culture and tradition gives it the extra points to make this adventure an unforgettable one.

5.  Kayak sailing through the Strait of Magellan

So cold! so challenging! but what a deed! if sailing at the end of the world doesn't make you feel alive, nothing else will. Do you dare to try?

6. Stepping La Antártica

The dream of many, the story of few.  Standing on this ice and snow territory surrounded by penguins and whales sounds like an unachievable task, but is it? Of course not! If you really want it, anything is possible.

7. Hiking Torres del Paine

This is one of the most important highlights of Chile. Internationally well known, this famous national park amaze with its wide range of landscapes. The trail goes through valleys and mountains and rewards you with the most amazing views you'll ever see. Definitely a must.

8. Watching the stars in Valle del Elqui

Chile owns one of the clearest skies in the world.  Is not a coincidence that important astronomers come to our country only to study the universe. Seeing galaxies through a high tech telescope, and learning the name of the constellations is one of the most inspiring experiences you can live in Chile.

9. Paragliding in Iquique

The best way to appreciate a new territory is from the highs, right? but it gets even better if you have the wind on your face and the freedom feeling that the wings of the paraglide give you. You can do this in many parts of Chile, but we recommend to do it in this city for its favorable and warm weather.

10. Mountain Biking in the Valley of the Moon, San Pedro de Atacama

Have you ever dreamed about riding a bike on the Moon? or around Mars perhaps?  This is what you feel when you pedal through the aridest desert of the world.


Which of this experience would you like to have before you die?

Live the experience