This Hotel is no longer available

Unfortunately we no longer offer this Hotel, but we haven't removed the information so you can have more ideas for your trip.

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          Hacienda Tres Lagos

          Robinson Crusoe Lodge

          Robinson Crusoe - Deep Patagonia Lodge is located in the district of Villa O'Higgins, in the region of Aysén, which is the end of Carretera Austral, the main entrance to Southern Patagonian Icefields.

          The lodge was inspired by the legend of the traveler Robinson Crusoe, with open spaces specially designed for the contemplation of the landscapes. Its architecture reminds of the large Patagonian warehouses and invites you to enjoy the purest landscapes of nature in Patagonia.


          The hotel has 12 beautiful rooms. They are single, double, master, and master with additional bed, with surfaces of 20 mt2. Their simple, but elegant decoration, features local ornaments which you can recognize in the surroundings. Also, the beds are comfortable and broad, with electric blankets and thermal insulators, with which the fire and rain reigning in the area will not be an issue.

          Each room has individual washbasins, hairdrier, amenities, and shower.

          Club House and other facilities.

          There are several spaces in the lodge, all of which are especially designed to make your stay more pleasant, such as the hall with large glass windows, which let you feel the rain and wind as you rest in cozy sofas. There is also an attic where you can take a look at the local maps, books, and videos, or enjoy the homely feeling while reading and enjoying a glass of Chilean wine. The rooms also have elegant hot tubs for you to enjoy a bubbling bath, admiring the beauty of a starry night, a reward to a long day full of great experiences.

          The minimaket offers goods to prepare a nice appetizer, and the lodge hast internet access and videos for its visitors.

          • Fees are per room per night and include breakfast, in U.S. dollars (US$) and equivalent in Chilean pesos (CL).
          • Fees are expressed in American Dollars and apply to foreign tourists (properly documented with passport or equivalent). These fees consider a tax exemption of the Value Added Tax ("Impuesto al Valor Agregado" or IVA, in Chile). For residents of Chile, a 19% IVA must be added to the fees previously mentioned.
          • Fees may be subject to change without previous notification. These DO NOT apply to events, conferences and fairs.
          • Please, read our Terms and Conditions of Sale.

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          Carretera Austral Km 1240Carretera Austral Sur