Holydays, Buffet Breakfast
Room Single Double Triple
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  • Aug/11/2017 al Aug/15/2017
  • Aug/16/2017 al Sep/14/2017
  • Sep/15/2017 al Sep/23/2017
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Buffet Breakfast
Room Single Double Triple
* Rates in USD (USD Dollar), per room..
  • Oct/01/2017 al Oct/11/2017
  • Oct/16/2017 al Oct/26/2017
  • Oct/30/2017 al Oct/31/2017
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The hotel has 16 rooms, that form a group of cabins that resemble the ancient boat houses, but in a modern and ethnic style.

The cabins are spread in a 15.000 mts piece of land surrounded by large gardens whose design was based in the local Manavai (a round volcanic stone structure typical of Rapa Nui) that contains citric trees, flower plants and fruit trees as banana trees, pineapple trees. All of them united by beautiful trails with a panoramic sea view. The hotel is located far enough from downtown so as to offer privacy and silence.


The hotel offers the passenger a nice Restaurant with sea view, gourmet meals, typical food and typical dances and music at dinner time.
Another services are laundry, parkings, internet, terrace and swimming pool in the garden. 

Lote E Y C Sector Hinere s/nEaster Island

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