Discover where the seven most beautiful Hidden Lagoons are in Chile and how to get there

Far from the hustle and bustle that impact the Valley of the Moon or other tourist attractions in ,San Pedro de Atacama, there are the hidden lagoons of Baltinache. Seven bodies of transparent turquoise water, which in contrast to the white of the salt flat, make this one of the most incredible landscapes in Chile.

This was my second trip to San Pedro de Atacama. In my first experience, I learned that the most beautiful places were the busiest, that's why for this new opportunity I looked for less known landmarks where you could enjoy the landscape in its natural state.

Inquiring before the trip I found the so-called Hidden Lagoons of Baltinache, seven small lagoons of water so salty that they make the human body float as it happens in the well-known [/¡TTU003]Cejar Lagoon[/TTU003]. I was determined, I would go and see them at any cost.

My traveling partner and I opted to rent a car so we could get to those places that are little frequented by the usual tourist routes.

How to get to the Lagunas de Baltinache

From San Pedro de Atacama we took the route that goes towards Calama for approximately 10 km until an intersection where there is a small signpost. At this junction, we took the road on the left.

We followed the recommendation of the girl at the hostel reception and drove at 20 km per hour. There are 45 kilometers of unpaved road. It is a beautiful route, but the loose stones make it more dangerous than it seems. Just when we were losing patience and pushing the accelerator, we found an overturned truck. It is advisable to take a spare wheel, GPS and only take the road if you are safe driving in gravel.

After a beautiful tour accompanied by the salt mountain range, we turned left towards the white "Salar" that stands out in the landscape.

How are the Baltinache Lagoons

A million years ago the great Salar de Atacama was a huge lake that with the passage of time was dried and isolated. On its surface, 100 kilometers long and 80 kilometers wide, there are some lagoons that dazzle for their unique beauty. When we arrived there we were stunned. The turquoise lagoons with the Cordillera de la Sal behind create a surreal landscape. 

Before entering the lagoons you have to pay an amount in the Conaf house, where there are also toilets and showers to remove the salt. The lagoons are somewhat distant from each other. That is because there is a demarcated path to travel from beginning to end. It is important to respect the path and thus not contribute to the deterioration of this magnificent natural treasure.

Peace and tranquility are undoubted. The landscape looks pristine without crowds. We were only 7 people in the place, all worried about respecting the environment: we had a bath only in the suitable lagoons, which are the first and the last; we didn't leave the path at any moment, and we left no trace when we left.


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