The baths of Hill of located 140 km. from Santiago, are hot springs which are to the middle of the nature of the foot of the Andes mountain range.

Our thermal pools are organized in stepped terraces formed by the calcareous deposits that the thermal water leaves.

There are 9 outdoor pools with temperatures that vary between 25 degrees Celsius, in the lower pools, up to 55 degrees Celsius, the highest.

The thermal baths are perfectly integrated with the wonderful mountain environment, being able to appreciate the majesty of the Andes mountain range. The waters of Termas Valle de Colina are highly mineralized, of magmatic origin, come from the bowels of the San José Volcano and have a series of healing properties, from the relief of rheumatic ailments, healing of dermal wounds, purification of toxins and even improvements of Depressive states and stress.

Colina Hot Springs map