Tours in Atacama Desert & Altiplano

Shorelines of warm water beaches set against a backdrop of arid deserts make up one of the many contrasts found all across the Northern Chile, a place that encloses the regions of Arica y Parinacota, Tarapacá, and Antofagasta.

San Pedro de Atacama



  • The best of Iquique - Perfect

    The best of Iquique - Perfect4 Days

    In this 4-day trip program, we are visiting the Salar de Huasco National Park with its typical landscapes of the Chilean Andean zone.…

    • FromCLP $222.500per person
    • FromUS$278per person
  • The best of Iquique - Express

    The best of Iquique - Express3 Days

    In this 3-day trip program in Iquique, we will get to know the Oasis de Pica and its Andean towns. We are going to also enjoy the hot…

    • FromCLP $129.000per person
    • FromUS$121per person
  • The best of iquique - Full

    The best of iquique - Full5 Days

    In this travel program, you will get to know the best of Iquique. You will visit the former nitrate offices of Humberstone and Santa…

    • FromCLP $291.250per person
    • FromUS$364per person


  • The best of Antofagasta

    The best of Antofagasta3 Days

    With this program, you will get know the main points and the famous Antofagasta observatory

    • On Request
    • On Request
  • Astronomical Tour in Paranal Observatory

    Astronomical Tour in Paranal Observatory4 Hours

    The Atacama Desert has the advantage of clear skies during most of the year. Come to the Paranal Observatory, a modern center that…

    • On Request
    • On Request
  • Antofagasta City Tour

    Antofagasta City Tour4 Hours

    During the last years Antofagasta has become one of the mining centers of Chile which has revived its historical past. City tour to…

    • On Request
    • On Request