We invite you to know Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas in a full city tour by the two main tourist cities of the Lakes Region. Go over their handicraft markets and learn about the history and traditions of the first settlers.

  • Departure: 09:00,15:00
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Pickup / Dropoff: Hotel in Puerto Varas o Puerto Montt

What you will visit:

  • 1 Puerto Montt
  • 2 Puerto Varas

Discover the magical essence of Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas on our unforgettable City Tour. Immerse yourself in their streets and landscapes, explore the local culture, and be captivated by the warmth of their people. A journey that will awaken your senses and invite you to be part of our beautiful cities. Book now and start your adventure!

2:30 PM: Departure from the hotel.

2:40 PM: We will begin the tour in the beautiful city of Puerto Varas, also known as the "City of Roses," with a stop at the waterfront to admire the city's view from the bay and the "Aurora" sculpture with Lake Llanquihue in the background.

We will visit its main tourist attractions; the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (subject to availability of opening), built between 1915 and 1918 in monumental Baroque style, is an exact replica of a church in the Black Forest of Germany, from where some settlers arrived in our region from 1852. We will also explore the Old Quarter, where the first German settlers established themselves.

Later, we will descend towards the central area, along the beautiful Lake Llanquihue, and in the backdrop, weather permitting, we will see the imposing Osorno Volcano, which with its melting feeds Lake Llanquihue every day.

4:00 PM: Departure to Puerto Montt, 20 km to the south, the capital of the Lakes and Volcanoes Region, visiting the highest point of the city, from where we will have a beautiful panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and Tenglo Island.

From there, we will head to the Monument to the German Settlers, located in front of the Plaza de Armas and the waterfront pier, enjoying along the way its architectural heritage and cultural mix. Afterwards, we will continue towards the Angelmó area, famous in our country for its many craft shops and, of course, the fishing cove, where we will get to know the daily activity of the seafaring people who come here bringing the traditional seafood and fish to be sold in the market. We will also find typical eateries where the most delicious and traditional dishes that characterize our region are served.

6:00 PM: Return to the hotel.

• The order of the points to visit may be modified depending on daily operation.

• The excursion times are approximate and may be subject to change according to the Traffic and Operations schedule, considering that, being a half-day excursion, it may have morning departures.

• Excursions may undergo changes beyond the company's operation.

• All museums and churches are closed on Mondays.

  • Physical
    Very low
  • Cultural
    Very high
  • Nature
  • Transportation.
  • Spanish and English speaking guides
NOT Included
  • Everything that was not mentioned in the Itinerary.


Bring sunscreen, flips flops, sun hat, and camera.